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GlasIonomer Cement Type II

Clinically proven conventional restorative glass ionomer cement for Class III, Class V, Cervical erosions and Pedodontic restorations.


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Chemically bonds to enamel and dentin with adequate fluoride release and recharge making it an ideal choice for the restoration of deciduous teeth.
Provides excellent marginal integrity with a co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to that of tooth structure
Easy mixing and handling characteristics to ensure efficient application.
Available in 4 blendable colours: Universal, Yellow, Gray & Brown

Complete 4 Colour Set [PN 1130]
-Universal Colour Set [PN 1131]
-Yellow Colour Set [PN 1132],
-Gray Colour Set [PN 1133]
-Brown Colour Set [PN 1134]

All the above sets contain:
Powder 15gm, Liquid 8ml, Varnish 10.6ml, Cocoa Butter, Matrix Strips, Mixing Pad & Spatula

Powder 15gm-Universal [PN 1141], Yellow [PN 1142], Gray [PN 1143], Brown [PN 1144]), Liquid 8ml [PN 1140], Varnish 10.6ml [PN 1138], Cocoa Butter 10gm [PN 1139], Matrix Strips [PN 1148]

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