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GlasIonomer FX-II (Improved)

A general purpose direct restorative developed for ART and Minimal Intervention (MI) dentistry, pits and fissures, cervical erosion and abrasion, intermediate restoration for heavy stress bearing areas, final restoration for non-stress bearing Class I, II of adult dentition.



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Improved GlasIonomer FX-II features superior mechanical properties and exceptional handling characteristics for superior clinical performance.
Enhanced aesthetics with high translucency, fluorescence close to natural teeth and optimal polishability.
Excellent packable consistency ideal for posterior restoration of deciduous teeth or intermediate restoration of permanent teeth.
Chemically adheres to tooth structure with continuous release and recharge of fluoride ions, biocompatible and radiopaque with low solubility.
Available in shades: A2, A3, A3.5 & B2 with a closer match to Vita Lumin shades
Glaslonomer FX-II 1-1 Set Contains:
Powder 15gm & Liquid 8.4ml
A2 [PN 3245], A3 [PN 3246], A3.5 [PN 3247], B2 [PN 3248]), Cocoa Butter 1g, Matrix Strips x 20, Mixing Pad & Spatula

Powder 15gm, A2 [PN 3249], A3 [PN 3250], A3.5 [PN 3251], B2 [PN 3252], Liquid 8.4ml [PN 3253]

Glaslonomer FX-II Mini Set Contains:
Powder 6gm & Liquid 3ml
A2 [PN 3255], A3 [PN 3256], A3.5 [PN 3257], B2 [PN 3258]

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