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OrthoChews with Aligner Removal Tool

OrthoChews help keep your dental treatment on track by alleviating pain associated with new aligners and letting you wear your aligners for longer. Each pack of OrthoChews comes with two sticks — one hard orange chew designed for seating new dental aligners and relieving quadrant pain and one soft blue chew designed for relieving pressure in trouble spots. Depending on what's most comfortable, you may want to use the hard or soft options for all purposes.

To use OrthoChews, first choose the soft or hard chew and determine which is the most comfortable in your mouth. To ease the pain in one quadrant of your mouth, place the rims of the OrthoChews between the tops and bottoms of your teeth before repeatedly biting down with a gentle motion. To soothe a troubled spot or better fit your aligner around one tooth, choose the soft option and repeatedly bite down until you feel relief.

Helps seat new aligners faster
Keeps treatment on track
Relieves discomfort

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