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XP-endo - Finisher

Optimal cleaning while preserving dentine
3D canal cleaning

Based on the shape-memory principles of the NiTi alloy and thanks to its extraordinary capacity to expand, the XP-endo Finisher file is able to treat root canals with highly complex morphologies, from the narrowest to the largest, and from the straightest to the most severely curved canals.

Because of its small core size – ISO 25 in diameter – and its zero taper, XP-endo Finisher benefits from incredible flexibility and shows unparalleled resistance to cyclic fatigue. In addition the file will contact and clean the dentine but NOT change the original shape of the canal. With XP-endo Finisher, get an optimal cleaning of the root canal while preserving dentine. Universal instrument that can be used following any root canal preparation of diameter ISO 25 or more.

Ø ISO 25
Taper: 0%
Lengths: 21, 25 mm
Recommended speed: 800 rpm
Torque: 1
Delivered in a sterile blister. Single use

XP-endo Finisher - Protocol card EN/FR/DE (PDF)

 XP-endo Finisher - Instructions for use (PDF)

XP-endo Finisher - Press release EN (PDF)

XP-endo Finisher & Finisher R - Brochure EN (PDF)


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